Mirap: The Name of a Success Story

The rarest examples of world cuisine are available in Turkey. The best examples of domestic or foreign cuisine can be found in various parts of Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Therefore, there is a great competition in the field of restaurant and management. Mirap, which has made a name for itself with its initiatives that changed the course of this competition, is a true success story.

Cem Mirap, the founder of Mirap, the manager born in 1974, is the protagonist of this story. As of now, the famous name, whose reputation has exceeded the borders of the country and is the owner of 4 different businesses that are famous around the world, is also a name that has correctly constructed every step in his journey to success. The founder, operator and owner of Cem Mirap, each of the 4 different businesses has a separate success story.

Mirap’s Most Famous Brand: Lucca Style

Cem Mirap, who made a world trip in 2003, had an important opportunity to observe in order to combine innovative and different ideas with the right business style. The product of these observations was Lucca Style, a place opened in 2004 and now famous both in Turkey and in the world, where the concept of restaurant-cafe-bar-bistro meets.

Lucca Style, which has become the center of gastronomy and entertainment in Istanbul by adding to it every year, continues its success journey even after 19 years and has gained the appreciation and high scores of many local and foreign authorities as of today.

Second Brand Coming With Experience: Cantinery

Cantinery, the second operation of the Mirap brand, was opened in Zorlu Center in 2014. This business, which was opened in the most popular area of ​​Istanbul, became another success story of the Mirap brand, which has proven itself in the field of business administration with Lucca Style. Cantinery, which has managed to become one of the most popular places since its opening; As another business that opened the country’s borders with its design, menus, taste and quality, it became another star of Mirap.

Lucca Stamp on the Heart of Bodrum

Deciding to carry its success in Istanbul to other places, the Mirap team turned its route to Bodrum this time. Mirap, which wants to carry a world-famous brand to another world-famous city in Turkey, took its place in Bodrum with its brand Lucca by the Sea.

Implementing creative concepts perfectly here as well, Mirap combined this business it opened in Bodrum Mandarin Oriental with a special concept such as a private water taxi. In addition, with its route and design that will determine the route of gastronomy in fish, Lucca by the Sea has become one of the frequent destinations of Bodrum residents and those visiting Bodrum in a short time.

Mirap’s Last Signature Lucca Beach

The name Lucca is a brand that has been identified with the name Mirap since 2004, has been on the agenda many times in the national and local press, and of course, has become one of the most well-known signatures among people. The last business of this brand was born again in Bodrum. Lucca Beach.

Lucca Beach, which successfully incorporates the quality of Lucca into the sea-sand-sun concept on the beach, identical to nature, and crowned this success by sitting at the top of the agenda just weeks after its opening in 2022, Lucca Beach promises delicious menus, great drinks and entertainment together.

Mirap, which has achieved success in each of its four brands, deserves to be a world-famous brand not only with the newly opened businesses, but also with the innovative moves, different concepts and, of course, its belief in development in each of the businesses.